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Who I Am

My name is Rolf Friberg, and I am the owner and curator of Anturion Gallery. I founded the gallery in 2015 to showcase and promote Amazonian art. I have a great passion for the culture and art of the Amazon rainforest and believe that Amazonian art is a valuable and unique form of expression that deserves to be appreciated and promoted. My goal is to make the mystical world of Amazonian art accessible to a wider international audience.

A Transformative Journey

My life has always been closely connected to the Amazon, where I have lived, worked, and made lasting friendships for many years. Here I have witnessed firsthand the extraordinary resilience and enduring spirit of its people, as well as the fascinating beauty and fragility of this vast ecosystem, which is so essential to the planet’s climate and the air we all breathe. This experience has been a journey of learning and discovery for me, and it has profoundly changed me.

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Art is Life is Art

Through exhibitions, lectures, social media, educational programs, and videos, I share my insights and experiences from this fascinating world. I not only present the works, but I also try to convey its cultural background to help people better understand and appreciate it. I believe that this art has an important message for the world, and I am proud to contribute to making Amazonian art known and appreciated.

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Identity and Cosmovision

Amazonian art is a tool for preserving indigenous identity. It shows us the beauty of nature, the power of spirituality, and the wisdom of indigenous traditions. It reveals wonderful insights into an amazing, mysterious universe full of spirituality, magic, and mystical experiences.

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More than Words and Images

We believe that art has the power to inspire us positively and to make a difference. It carries a powerful message that promotes understanding between different cultures and advocates for a more sustainable and just world. That is why it is important to us that a good part of the proceeds from the sale of Amazonian art go to support the protection of the indigenous population, the preservation of their culture, and the protection of the Amazon rainforest.

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Destroying Rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal

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The Time to Act is Now

It is now more important than ever to raise awareness and bring attention to the ongoing  degradation of nature and the annihilation of indigenous cultures that depend on the forest for survival


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We have an exclusive selection of Amazonian art, 20% of each purchase goes directly towards the protection of the Amazon rainforest.

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