Antonio Garcia Castillo,

Antonio Garcia Castillo

Antonio Garcis Castillo, Foto Exibición

I am interested in how art can unite different worlds and explore art’s possibilities to connect distant disciplinary fields, from popular traditions to anthropology, historical memory, and social and political contexts. Explore our human vulnerabilities and the sacredness of nature.

Antonio García Castillo, Foto X
Antonio Garcia Castillo, Tortuga
Antonio Garcia Castillo, Collage
Antonio Garcia Castillo, Mariposal
Antonio Garcia Castillo, Blue Bird
Antonio Garcia Castillo, Colibris rojo

For him, each creation is not just a static object; it is essential to understand the transformative function that integrates specific competencies and skills into new outcomes through physical and material experiences.

Antonio Garcia Castillo, Nocturno

Depending on the concept or idea he is working on, he employs a range of techniques, including drawing, painting, and collage with industrial and organic textiles, woven fabrics, or tapestries.

Antonio Garcia Castillo, Pirañas

His artistic journey encompasses shifts from the figurative to the abstract, incorporating lived experiences in mystical ceremonies with Amazonian shamans or Andean healers from living cultures.

Antonio Garcia Castillo, Cruz Caoba

“In the intricate tapestry of art and anthropology, Antonio Garcia Castillo navigates a unique journey from the figurative to the abstract.

Antonio Garcia Castillo,Nocturno Full

Inspired by his immersive experiences in mystical ceremonies with Ayahuasca, Castillo’s work becomes a profound exploration of the intersection between the spiritual and the artistic.

Antonio Garcia Castillo, Demonios

Through intermittent field research trips to the Amazonian jungle and the Andean highlands, he weaves a narrative that transcends the boundaries of traditional representation.

Antonio Garcia Castillo. Monos-min