Gino Ceccarlli, El descubrimiento

Gino Ceccarelli

“My paintings are an attempt to explore the Amazonian cosmovision, to understand it, apprehend it, and recreate it. However, this wellspring of mystery, magic, myths, and legends is boundless. The more you investigate and discover, the more apparent it becomes that you have only touched the surface”.

Gino Ceccarelli, Foto Paris 02


Gino Ceccarelli, Evolution

Magic, power, enchantment, and fascination – these are the elements that embody the lush, warm, and mysterious world of the Amazon Rainforest.

Gino Ceccarelli, Fantasia

It’s a realm where humans have coexisted harmoniously with nature, creating a unique way of life that draws in those who encounter it, enticing them to become a part of this extraordinary existence.

Gino Ceccarelli, Daliesco

This profound connection to the Amazon’s ecosystem, its fauna, flora, sky, and earth, is the foundation upon which cosmogonies are built and developed.

Gino Ceccarelli, Picaflores

 Within this environment, mysteries and legends are shared, and life unfolds with a sensuality that is both extreme and captivating.

Gino Ceccarelli, Hermanas de Greda

It’s a perfect blend of dedication and ecstasy, astonishment and fear, resulting in a bizarre yet simplistic symbiosis.

Gino Ceccarelli, Temptación

Gino Ceccarelli has immersed himself in this world for an extended period. He proudly identifies himself as an Amazon inhabitant and expresses unwavering admiration and devotion for his homeland.

Gino Ceccarelli, Guerrero

His association with the Amazon is not merely urgent; it is a moral imperative.

Gino Ceccarelli, Sirena

Gino Ceccarelli is deeply rooted in the Amazon region and has a deep knowledge of this unique habitat.

Gino Ceccarelli,Pescadores

However, he cannot escape the presence of his own cultural background, the knowledge of alternative cosmogonies, and different worldviews. Nor can he deny his academic experiences, his learned skills, and his rationality. Even the symbolic aspects that emerge from mystical experiences and introspection cannot be ignored.

Gino Ceccarelli, El gran Varon de las Aguas

The majesty of nature and its obvious sensuality, raw and untamed, require a canvas that does them justice. Gino Ceccarelli takes on the task of creating works of immense stature and powerful impact.

Gino Ceccarelli, Amazonia magica-min

The expanded canvas of his always unfinished series of works allows the artist to represent his dimensions, to suggest the original plasma, to stage the spatial dimension and even to evoke the illusion of scents.

Gino Ceccarelli, La Yara

The artist, who spent 16 years in Paris, masterfully combines his academic experiences, technical skills, and rationality with the symbolic aspects that arise from his own mystical experiences and introspection.

Gino Ceccarelli, Runamula sobre Paris-min

He favors large formats and bright colors and pushes the boundaries of traditional academic norms to stay true to his vision.He creates dark silhouettes, provocative and seductive nudes, or turns to figures that radiate maternal tenderness.

Gino Ceccarelli Bardales, Cazador de lunas

Crea siluetas oscuras, desnudos provocativos y seductores, o recurre a figuras que irradian ternura materna.

En sus obras, la luz y la sombra juegan un papel especial en la dotación de expresividad a sus figuras.

Gino Ceccarelli, Luciernagas

In his works, light and shadow play a special role in giving his figures expressiveness.Through skillful lighting and sensual, flowing color gradients, he breathes life into his motifs and builds bridges between their curvaceous shapes.

Gino Ceccarelli, Anaconda

In his monumental work entitled The Creation, a central figure emerges – a large bunched flower, from which a ghostly woman, almost crouched and naked, stretches her protective and restraining hands over her shoulders.

Near the center, a bird floats towards its fate. On the other hand, we find allegories of the sun and the moon, with a homage to the revered plant ayahuasca.


The symbols depicted therein are reminiscent of microscopic knowledge and molecular structures. They offer an open script intended to be both universal and generic.

His work continues in a magnificent representation characterized by skillful geometry, well-planned chaining, and harmonious structure.

Gino Ceccarelli, La Mujer Ya Existia Antes Que Dios Nasca

Ceccarelli seeks and finds a bold and surprising transformation of the characters he portrays, achieving an unexpected and challenging juxtaposition that invites the viewer to reflect.

Gino Ceccarelli, Maria

This is the result of a profound inner struggle, an encounter with oneself that goes beyond understanding and borders on instinct.

Gino Ceccarelli, Runamula Mensajero


Gino Ceccarelli’s art is an ode to the beauty, sensuality, and deep spirituality of the Amazon, and his canvases serve as a window into this world for everyone to see and appreciate.



Gino Ceccarelli, Mamaluna
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