Brus Rubio, Padre Y Madre

Brus Rubio

My art reflects the joy of developing a unique perspective that engages with the world, transporting me to a realm of magical realism. My goal is to rescue the customs and values. of my people,

to investigate ancestral traditions, the history, and the mythology of our wise men.
My art draws inspiration from traditional ceremonies and visions of our ancestors, to transcend them through time.

Brus Rubio Foto Perfil
Bruce Rubio El Curaca



Brus Rubio, Uuno Mujeres Pintadas De Rana

Brus Rubio is an incredibly talented and versatile Peruvian artist whose work beautifully reflects a profound connection to the natural world, ancestral traditions, and the complex social and political realities of the Amazon region.

Through his art, he channels a great cosmic joy inspired by gods, mythical characters, festivals, rituals, minga (collective work), agricultural practices, and the intrinsic magic and beauty of the Amazon’s diverse ecosystems and its rich cultural heritage.

Bruce Rubio El Curaca

His paintings are a celebration of life, deeply rooted in the sacred traditions of his ancestors, who have passed down their knowledge and wisdom through song, vision, and sacred words.

This spiritual connection to his cultural heritage is evident in the vibrant and dynamic artworks that Brus Rubio creates, which are infused with a deep sense of reverence for the Amazon’s biodiversity and the indigenous communities that call it home.

Brus Rubio, El Arbol De La Abundancia

Brus Rubio’s art, however, is not limited to purely aesthetic or cultural expression. He also uses his talent to address pressing social, historical, and political issues that impact his people and the Amazon as a whole.

His paintings serve as a powerful medium to shed light on concerns such as environmental destruction, the historical injustices committed against indigenous communities by rubber tappers, and the contemporary challenges of corruption and external influences that often disregard the local realities of the Amazon region.

Brus Rubio, El Heredero

In pursuit of his artistic journey, Brus Rubio has transcended the boundaries of his hometown and ventured to different countries.

These experiences have added new dimensions to his work as he explores the interplay between the lush, natural life of the jungle and the bustling, urban landscapes of major cities such as Lima, Paris, Washington, Havana, Miami and Shanghai.

By “Amazonizing” these diverse cities, he brings the essence of the rainforest into new cultural spaces, sharing his unique perspective with the world.

Brus Rubio, Pasaporte Amazonico

Through this juxtaposition, Brus Rubio not only enriches his own art but also fosters a profound appreciation for and understanding of his ancestral culture, which he recognizes as an indispensable component of the broader, universal culture.

Brus Rubio, La Restinga De Miami

 His work serves as a bridge between ancient wisdom and contemporary challenges, inviting viewers to contemplate the intricate relationship between humanity, the environment, and the shared responsibility for preserving the natural world and the diverse cultures that inhabit it.

Graciela Arias Salazar #04

Brus Rubio’s art is a powerful testament to the timeless and ever-relevant messages of his people and their enduring connection to the Amazon’s sacred landscapes.

Brus Rubio, Atración Mistica