Graciela Arias Salazar, Tres Amazonas

Graciela Arias Salazar


The jungle is full of magic and mystery and everyone tries to discover and understand it in their own way. When I paint, I try to understand and convey what I experience through the jungle.

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The Art of Graciela Arias Salazar

Graciela Arias Salazar, Magia

Graciela Arias Salazar, by delving into the representation of the feminine and Amazonian mythological themes in her art, emerges as a courageous voice addressing issues within her immediate context. She uses her artistic expression to speak out against the negative situations she observes in Pucallpa, becoming a vocal advocate for change.

Graciela Arias Salazar, #01

In her work, “The Virgin of Capinwí”, Arias Salazar seeks to highlight the contradictions of a society that appears to seek the purity of young women while exploiting them as sexual symbols. The choice of the capinuri, a natural branch in the shape of the phallus, allows her to question this double standard shockingly and symbolically. Through this representation, the artist criticizes how society constructs and perceives femininity, challenging imposed stereotypes.

Graciela Arias Salazar, Eva Y El Sepiente

The Amazon, for Arias Salazar, is the protective and reproducing mother of well-being. His representations of plant sprites in the form of animals and female figures act as messengers of nature, inciting reflection on our actions and the intimate relationship we should have with the natural environment.

Graciela Arias Salazar #03

Each element in the jungle becomes an energy that sends us a message, urging us to consider our interactions with the environment and preserve the ancestral knowledge of the region.
The artist advocates for the preservation of certain knowledge of the jungle, including worldviews and community knowledge.

Graciela Arias Salazar, Aguliar

She considers it crucial that this knowledge is not lost in the maelstrom of time, since it is essential for cultural identity and the intimate connection with nature.

Graciela Arias Salazar, #05

Arias Salazar seeks not only to represent the Amazon that we have not yet forgotten, but also to contribute to its conservation and promote the importance of maintaining a respectful and balanced relationship with nature in these modern times.

Graciela Arias Salazar #04