Gino Ceccarlli, El descubrimiento

Gino Ceccarelli

“My paintings are an attempt to explore the Amazonian cosmology, to understand it, apprehend it, and recreate it. However, this wellspring of mystery, magic, myths, and legends is boundless. The more you investigate and discover, the more apparent it becomes that you have only touched the surface.

Gino Ceccarelli, Foto Paris 02


Gino Ceccarelli, Evolution

Magic, power, enchantment, and fascination – these are the elements that define the lush, warm, and mysterious world of the Amazon Rainforest. It’s a realm where humans have coexisted harmoniously with nature, creating a unique way of life that draws in those who encounter it, enticing them to become a part of this extraordinary existence.

Gino Ceccarelli, Fantasia

 This profound connection to the Amazon’s ecosystem, its fauna, flora, sky, and earth, is the foundation upon which cosmogonies are built and developed. Within this environment, mysteries and epics are shared, and life unfolds with a sensuality that is both extreme and captivating. It’s a perfect blend of dedication and ecstasy, astonishment and fear, resulting in a bizarre yet simplistic symbiosis.

Gino Ceccarelli, Temptación

Gino Ceccarelli has immersed himself in this world for an extended period. He proudly identifies himself as an Amazon inhabitant and expresses unwavering admiration and devotion for this unique context. His association with the Amazon is not merely urgent; it is a moral imperative.

Gino Ceccarelli, Sirena

However, he cannot escape the presence of his own cultural background, the knowledge of alternative cosmogonies, and different worldviews. Nor can he deny his academic experiences, his learned skills, and his rationality. Even the symbolic aspects that emerge from mystical experiences and introspection cannot be ignored.

Gino Ceccarelli, El gran Varon de las Aguas

The grandeur of nature and its heightened sensuality, more open and robust than anything, demand a canvas that can do them justice. As a painter, Ceccarelli takes on the monumental task of creating works that are almost heroic in scope. He needs the expansive canvas of the always-unfinished series to depict his creatures and suggest the original plasma, to evoke the very air itself, and even to make scents imaginable.

Gino Ceccarelli, La Yara


He employs a generous use of materials and vibrant colors, pushing the boundaries of traditional academic norms in order to remain true to his own vision. His paintings feature morbid silhouettes, provocative nudes with an uncomfortable demeanor, and figures that exude maternal tenderness. Through strategic lighting and sensual, meandering paths of color, he breathes life into his subjects and forms bridges between their curvaceous forms.

Gino Ceccarelli, Anaconda

In his monumental polyptych titled “The Creation,” a central figure emerges—a large bundled flower, from which a ghostly woman, almost crouching and naked, extends her protective or demure hands over her shoulders. Near the center, a bird soars towards its destiny. On the other side, we find allegories to the sun and the moon, with a constant tribute to the great liberating plant, ayahuasca. Ceccarelli’s work continues in a grand display where geometry, well-planned concatenation, and harmonic structure set it apart from mere illustration. The symbols presented therein, reminiscent of microscopic knowledge and molecular schemes, offer an open script meant to be both universal and generic.


Gino Ceccarelli, La Mujer Ya Existia Antes Que Dios Nasca




Ceccarelli seeks and sometimes discovers a daring and often reckless fusion, much like the living beings he aims to represent or the world he seeks to convey. This is the result of a profound inner struggle, an encounter with himself that transcends understanding and borders on instinct. Gino Ceccarelli’s art is an ode to the Amazon’s beauty, sensuality, and profound spirituality, and his canvases serve as a window into this world for all to behold and appreciate.

Gino Ceccarelli, Mamaluna
Gino Taylor